Ameriplan FAQ

It can be difficult to understand exactly how health care discount programs like Ameriplan work they're not insurance, exactly, so how can they save you money? Why would a doctor want to participate in this program? Frequently asked questions such as these are discussed below.

Is Ameriplan Legitimate?

Ameriplan has been in operation since 1992, and has served hundreds of thousands of members over the years in its capacity as a health care discount provider. Some critics claim that the Ameriplan program is a scam because it utilizes a network marketing pyramid scheme among its members; however, the marketing part of the program is optional, and choosing not to sell Ameriplan memberships will have no effect on the discounts available to you. The Better Business Bureau in Texas (where Ameriplan is based) has given the company an A+ rating.

Does Ameriplan Act as Insurance?

Ameriplan is not an insurance policy. However, it can be used in conjunction with private health insurance plans to reduce the cost of co-pays! This can be very helpful for those looking to access health care and medical services on a budget. Even for women without a health insurance policy or maternity insurance coverage, Ameriplan can provide useful discounts of up to 50% on health care, dental care, and more.

Are there any Preexisting Conditions Not Covered by Ameriplan?


Because Ameriplan is not a health insurance plan, it does not exclude any preexisting conditions from treatment. High risk-pregnancies, caesarian sections, and other pregnancy-related conditions are all covered. Unfortunately, treatment options are limited by the options available to doctors participating in the program; in some cases it may be difficult to find a physician with the right qualifications, as not all doctors are interested in working with Ameriplan. In these cases, members may have to pay full price to a non-Ameriplan doctor for the services they require.

How Much Does the Ameriplan Program Cost?

While Ameriplan does not give a straight answer to this question on their official website, outsider estimates put Ameriplan monthly health care fees around $59 a month. This is a substantial amount for women who may already be struggling with money, especially if a baby is on the way, and may not be much less than a very basic health insurance policy. However, a basic policy may not cover many procedures or maternity health care, unlike Ameriplan, which puts no limits on the type of medical care that can be accessed.

Is there any Gurantee that I'll Save Money?

All medical professionals participating in the Ameriplan program should be prepared to offer Ameriplan members a discount of approximately 15% - 50%. So yes, you will save money. However, it's best to speak with your physician beforehand to determine the exact amount of the discount you will receive. If you are paying in cash, ask if additional discounts are available. Most physicians prefer a check or cash over the hassle of dealing with insurance companies, and in some cases offer discounted rates to uninsured clients even without Ameriplan.

While Ameriplan does not act as a pregnancy insurance policy, it may be the only option available to some pregnant women. It can make prohibitively expensive health care more affordable, and should be considered when traditional maternity insurance plans are inaccessible.

Article on Ameriplan FAQ

Below are answers to common questions related to Ameriplan and their medical health care coverage program:

Is Ameriplan legitimate?

Ameriplan is a pioneer in the discount health benefits marketplace and they have been providing services since 1992. has not received any complaints from women utilizing their services, but we are aware that they have received a poor grade with the BBB.

Is the Ameriplan Program insurance?

The Ameriplan program is not insurance, but rather a network of discount health care services. The benefits include discounts on doctor's visits, lab work, hospital stays, and other health care related services. It is not insurance, but it does save you money.

Are there any on-going or current medical problems that are not accepted?

The good news is that all on-gonig dental/medical problms are accepted. You can complete the membership application even after you have pregnancy symptoms without any questions. It does not matter if you are having a high risk pregnancy, a cesarean birth, or other intervention procedures.

How much does the Ameriplan cost?

The program is simple and cost effective. Ameriplan has a single sign up fee and then small monthly membership dues. The monthly membership fee takes care of everything provided to you by Ameriplan. Ameriplan does not offer the one time discounted annual package that Maternity Card does, but you can stop services at any point.

What guarantees do I have that I will save money?

The good news is that Ameriplan does offer a guarantee. Once you complete the membership application and begin the program you can evaluate it over the next 30 days. If you are not satisfied you can get a refund on the money spent with Ameriplan. The good news is that you will be saving money and not concerned about a guarantee. Yes, there is a guarantee!

What happens to my plan after I give birth?

You can elect to remain in the program and experience the benefits month to month. Your newborn baby is added immediately upon delivery for no additional fees. You will continue to pay your month by month membership fee and continue to experience the wonderful support services of Ameriplan without any interruptions. You will also be able to take advantage of the eye care, chiropractice care and dental care benefits too.