Ameriplan Prenatal Benefits

If you're among the 13% of pregnant women not currently covered by maternity insurance, you may be able to improve your access to prenatal health care by signing up with Ameriplan. This discount program does not take the place of health insurance, but it can reduce medical costs by as much as 50% for those who cannot access regular insurance options.

What is Ameriplan?

Ameriplan has basically created a nationwide network of doctors, nurses, and health professionals who are willing to offer discounts to members of the Ameriplan program. While Ameriplan members still pay out of pocket for doctor's visits and medical expenses, they can choose from any of the doctors in the Ameriplan network and expect to pay far less than they would under ordinary circumstances. Ameriplan also offers chiropractic, dental, mental health, and prescription discounts in addition to standard medical care.

What Prenatal Services are Available to Me Through Ameriplan?


All out of pocket expenses related to prenatal medical care can be reduced via Ameriplan. These may include prescriptions for prenatal vitamins, doctor's visits, ultrasound procedures, blood tests, and other necessary procedures. According the the FAQ on Ameriplan's informational website, all prenatal care offered by the doctors participating in the program will be discounted by 15% - 65%. Because Ameriplan is not an insurance program, it is limited only by the services provided it does not discriminate between different types of procedures which is a major benefit.

More about Discounted Healthcare

Women considering Ameriplan as an alternative to maternity insurance plans should be aware that health care discount programs are generally more costly when it comes to out of pocket expenses. While health insurance providers charge a monthly fee, members pay only 10%-20% of health care costs when billed. In essence, Ameriplan offers a 85% - 50% copay, but without the monthly fee. For healthy people who struggle to pay their bills each month, this can be a godsend but plan on saving enough to cover the cost of discounted doctor's visits and hospital stays.

Will Ameriplan Save Me Money?

If you expect to have a healthy, low risk pregnancy and can't afford private insurance or qualify for Medicaid, the answer to this question is yes in most cases, Ameriplan will save you money. If this is not your first time giving birth, Ameriplan may also help you access medical care for your other children and/or spouse. However, unexpected medical costs can be crippling, even when discounted by 50% for example, an extended stay in NICU, which would normally cost around $200,000, may be impossible to pay for even if reduced to $100,000.

Ultimately, Ameriplan is an option best utilized by women for whom traditional health care plans are either unavailable or prohibitively expensive. It is not a financial cure-all, but the discounts Ameriplan offers may be the difference between a relaxed, healthy pregnancy and a stressful monetary burden. When combined with frugal decisions and careful planning, discounted health care can be a valuable alternative to health insurance with maternity coverage!

Article on Ameriplan Prenatal Benefits

What Prenatal Benefits Do You Get?

Ameriplan is a health care program that provides you with discounted health care services. Here are some of the key benefits that reduce your prenatal care and birth expenses making your pregnancy more affordable:

  • Reduced prenatal care visits through the network
  • Reduced lab work through the network

What Other Benefits Does the Ameriplan program provide?

Ameriplan is a program that focuses on delivering a variety of health care services at affordable prices.

In addition to maternity care you receive through the Ameriplan physician network, you will also receive these benefits:

  • Hearing Care
  • Dental Care
  • Vision Care
  • Prescription or Pharmacy Care
  • Chiropractic Care

What Are other Benefits of the Program?

Ameriplan is design to be a no hassle program that allows you to get the care you need at the time you need the care.

  • No paperwork to complete
  • No restrictions on age or how many visits you are allowed to make
  • All on-going dental/mdical problems are accepted
  • Monthly fees are guaranteed for two years

One of the main reasons that women choose Ameriplan is that it is more economical and provides similar benefits and discounts to other programs. Additionally, they find it to be simple and hassle free to use.