Maternity Advantage

The Company:

It appears that Maternity Advantage is going out of business. We do not have any endorsement of their services.

Maternity Advantage is a maternity coverage program sponsored by Affordable Healthcare Options (AHCO Direct) which was established in 1994. The program was created to support women and families who were either uninsured or wanted to supplement their existing insurance plans.

Company Vision:

The vision of AHCO Direct is to deliver a system that dictates health care coverage without diminishing care and at the same time allows their providers to give AHCO Direct members the utmost care in a true win-win environment.

Maternity Advantage Program:


The Maternity Advantage program is a customized non-insurance benefits program - it is not insurance. The program is designed to secure you the most affordable healthcare options available today. AHCO Direct has sought to create a program which allows you to gain access to the care you need while placing you and your health care provider in control of that care without diminishing the quality in any way.

AHCO Direct enrolls you in the Maternity Advantage program for a low monthly fee giving you access to their comprehensive maternity plan. Their plan includes everything related to your prenatal and maternity health care. AHCO Direct has negotiated discounted (as much as 60%) rates on the expenses related to your care. It is not insurance, but rather a comprehensive plan that includes discounts on everything you will use in your prenatal care.

Once your baby is born, the program will automatically expand to include benefits for your new baby for the first two years to help with checkups, immunizations, and any other medical costs which may arise.

Maternity Advantage Benefits:

There are many benefits for pregnant women who do not have maternity coverage. Discounts and benefits of the maternity card program include:

  • Doctor visits
  • Hospital stays
  • Lab Work
  • Sonograms
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Pre Natal Vitamins
  • Prescription Coverage
  • Newborn Tests and Checkups
  • Immunizations
  • 24 Hour Counseling
  • 24 Hour Nurse Hotline

Who Qualifies and Who Can Benefit?

If you are eligible for Medicaid, then that is the better way to proceed. Outside of that, anyone can qualify. There are no issues with preexisting conditions. The following situations make for good candidates:

  • Already pregnant, no insurance
  • Insured, with no maternity coverage
  • Insured, but deductible too high
  • Anyone who is having a baby and would like to pay less
  • Women who are experiencing infertility with coverage

Of Special Interests (The Guarantee):

AHCO Direct offers a guarantee that you will save at least the amount of money that you invest in the program. If not they will pay you the difference plus $200, and you are able to continue your membership for the next year for free. It is a simple guarantee that means there is no risk to you. You come out at least $200 ahead plus additional services for free over the next year.