Maternity Card FAQs

It appears that Maternity Advantage is going out of business. We do not have any endorsement of their services.

Below are answers to common questions related to AHCO Direct and the Maternity Advantage program:

Is AHCO Direct and the Maternity Advantage program legitimate?

AHCO has been in business since 1994. Although the Better Business Bureau does not give them high marks, their complaints represent less than 1% of the women and families served. However, at this time, it appears that they are going or have gone out of business.

Is the Maternity Advantage program insurance?

The maternity card provided by AHCO Direct is not insurance. It is a discount health care program. The benefits include discounts on doctor's visits, lab work, hospital stays, and other health care related services. It is not insurance, but it does save you money.

Are there any preexisting conditions?


The good news is there are no preexisting conditions. Even once you experience your pregnancy symptoms, you can enroll without any questions. It does not matter if you are having a high risk pregnancy, a cesarean birth, or other intervention procedures.

How much does the Maternity Advantage cost?

The program is simple and cost effective. There is a simple one-time enrollment fee and then small monthly membership dues. The fees cover all services provided to you including the comprehensive Patient Advocacy Team that works regularly on your behalf. AHCO Direct does offer a discounted one-time all inclusive package that includes the enrollment fee.

What guarantees do I have that I will save money?

The good news is that AHCO Direct backs the Maternity Advantage program with a h2 guarantee that states that you will save at least what you put into the program or Maternity Advantage will reimburse you your membership fee in full.

What happens to my plan after I give birth?

You can elect to remain in the program and experience the benefits month to month. Your newborn baby is added immediately upon delivery for no additional fees. You will continue to pay your month by month membership fee and continue to experience the wonderful support services of the Patient Advocacy Team without any interruptions.