Maternity Coverage

What Maternity Coverage Assistance Do You Get?

It appears that Maternity Advantage is going out of business. We do not have any endorsement of their services.

Maternity Advantage is a comprehensive program that provides you with assistance and support through your pregnancy and birth from a number of avenues.

  • In-network physician program
  • Out of network physician program
  • Patient Advocacy Team (PAT)
  • Diagnostic and lab work network
  • 24 hour nurse hotline

You are also provided with a computer login to your account which gives you direct access to the actions and services conducted by Maternity Advantage on your behalf. You get to witness the work first hand taking away any questions about what they are doing for you.

What Type of Help is Available to Me through the Program?


You dont get a person, you get a team. The Patient Advocacy Team (PAT) is there to negotiate on your behalf, guide you through the process, and provide you with personalized care and support.

You have direct access to the PAT group through your online personal and private account. You can also access the team through the toll-free support line provided to you with your enrollment.

What Other Benefits Does the Maternity Advantage program provide?

The encouraging thing about Maternity Card is that in addition to financial support for your maternity care and birthing expenses; Maternity Card also provides other benefits to you and your family.

Family, Infant and Toddler Program (FIT) Once enrolled in the program, Maternity Advantage immediately, and for no additional (free), enrolls the entire family into this program. The FIT program provides a PPO network to your whole family delivering savings within the doctors network, the lab network, the hospital network, dental care, pharmaceutical benefits, vision care and alternative medicine.

In addition to maternity coverage you receive these benefits:

  • Dental Care
  • Pharmacy Benefits
  • Vision Plan
  • Alternative Medicine