Sample Savings

It appears that Maternity Advantage is going out of business. We do not have any endorsement of their services.

The maternity card will save you money. The amount varies from person to person and pregnancy to pregnancy. The good news is there is a guarantee that you will save money. Here is a list of sample savings you may expect:

Type of Service Original Bill Repriced Bill Percentage of Savings Total Saved
Hospital $5,116.10 $2,000.00 60.9% $3,116.10
Doctor $3,564.09 $2,390.00 32.9% $1,174.00
Hospital $23,740.00 $4,950.00 79.1% $18,789.36
Lab Work $826.25 $497.83 39.7% $328.42
Hospital $5,546.02 $2,070.00 62.7% 3,476.02
Doctor $4,907.50 $3,680.63 25.0% $1,226.87
Hospital $9,875.74 $3,646.00 63.1% $6,229.84
Doctor $4,988.00 $2,200.00 55.9% $2,788.0

One of the things that often happens is that the bigger the original bill, the greater the discount. This could prove really beneficial for you if you experience any complication or premature delivery which usually makes the expenses astronomical. Maternity Advantage is still there for you in these circumstances and that is good news!

Not everyone will experience the same discount. You may find that you have more of a break than someone you know, or you may find that someone you know saved a little more than you. The best news is that Maternity Card has a guarantee that you will save at least what you invest. If not, they pay the difference, give you $200 and you get to keep using the benefits for the next year for free. That means you still save money.

So, if you are experiencing any signs of pregnancy and you are without insurance, take advantage of this program now.